At COVER UP SOLUTION, we specialize in paint protection and correction, ceramic coatings, and window tinting services for automobiles of all kinds, from expensive sports cars and collectibles to new and used cars. We only use the best materials at our auto detailing shop, including XPEL Protective Films. We are factory-certified and are authorized to professionally install Clear Bra paint protection film and ceramic coatings on any type of vehicle.

Together, our top-quality films and car coating products and skilled technicians make COVER UP SOLUTION the best place to have your automotive paint protected in Salem, Manchester, Nashua and Portsmouth. At COVER UP SOLUTION, we are proud to offer the following services:

  • Paint Protection

    Application of a high-quality paint protection film (shiny or matte) that shields the automobile from UV sun rays, scratches, and other contaminants while maintaining a brand-new shine.

  • Ceramic Coating

    Application of a water-resistant clear coat that enhances your automobile’s shine while protecting the surfaces (paint, glass, lights, grill, etc.) from scratches, dirt buildup, premature oxidation, and more.

  • Paint Correction

    Restoration of paint via the removal (buffing) of clear coat that has suffered oxidation, scratches, and other damage.

  • Window Tinting

    Application of high-quality grade film to block out UV rays, maintain an ideal temperature, reduce interior fading, increase safety, and more.

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