We often get asked a variety of questions about paint protection films and XPEL Ultimate Plus in particular. So, to help those visiting our page, we put together six of the most frequently asked questions specifically about the XPEL ppf we offer. We hope this helps answer a question you may have.

XPEL Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Expected Life Of XPEL?

The XPEL Ultimate Plus Series Films are warrantied for 10 years. This warranty covers: yellowing, staining, delaminating, cracking, peeling, bubbling, and more. More information on the warranty can be found on our Warranty Information Page

Can I Run My Car Through An Automatic Car Wash?

Yes, but please wait at least 48 hours after installation to allow the film to dry completely.

How Do I Maintain XPEL Ultimate Plus?

No special maintenance is required for XPEL Ultimate Plus.

Can I Use A Pressure Washer, And How Soon After Install?

Yes, pressure washers can be used on XPEL paint protection films, provided the film has completely dried after installation (typically 48 hours) and provided the high-pressure water is not pointed directly at the edges of the film.

Can XPEL Be Installed On Your Vehicles Headlights And Fog Lights?

Yes, XPEL can be installed on your cars headlamps and fog lamps.

If I Get A Partial Front End Wrap, Will The Edge Of The Film Be Noticeable?

While the edge of the film can be seen from certain angles, people generally do not notice it unless they are looking for it. However, if the car is dirty and dust and dirt can collect along the edge of the film, it will be more noticeable. Once the car is cleaned, it will be once again difficult to detect unless looking for it.

We hope that this frequently asked questions post helped you understand the XPEL product we offer a little better. If you have any questions about the XPEL products and ppf installation services we offer, contact us by calling (603) 235-9319 or fill out a form at Contact Cover Up Solution. We service the entire greater Salem, New Hampshire area and look forward to serving you!