From A Home Garage To XPEL Dealer of The Year in New Hampshire = Window Tint, Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coatings in New Hampshire

We are very proud to have recently moved into our new facility and we thought this would be a great time to give a timeline of Cover Up Solution. From starting out of my home garage to this new location and winning XPEL Dealer of the Year in New Hampshire 3 years in a row. Let’s go back to where it all started.

From A Home Garage To XPEL Dealer of The Year in New Hampshire - 2

We founded the business on a simple concept. Treat other people’s cars the way we would want our own treated. We started in a basic garage, but we were committed to constant improvement of our installation skills. We continued to work to ensure that we were using the best products combined with a determination to offer installations that are equal or better than what can be found anywhere.

As the business progressed we began to improve the garage space to help upgrade the work we could do.

As our business continued to grow, we decided to take things up another step and completely epoxied the garage floor to raise the professionalism and also make it easier to keep a cleaner environment which enables cleaner installations.

In this new location our skills and the level of our installations continued to get better as we stayed committed to constant improvement. We also became exclusive to the XPEL line of window tint, paint protection film and ceramic paint coating. XPEL is as committed as we are to offer industry leading solutions.

While we continued to grow, we actually were named the XPEL Dealer of the Year for New Hampshire for the last 3  years running beating out other XPEL dealers in the state even though we were still operating out of our garage. We never let our location determine our success and we let the work speak for itself.

We are now extremely proud to have fully moved into our new location in Pelham Road in Salem. We stayed focused on bringing good products and services from the start at a great value. Thank you for being part of our story and our timeline of success. Stop by and see us at the new location!

If you would like more information on the quality car window tint, paint protection and ceramic coating products we offer, we would love to help. We can discuss the various options and assist you in making a great choice for your vehicle. Contact us today by calling (603) 235-9319. We look forward to serving you from our Salem, New Hampshire location.